BOS 10 Years Timeline

The BOS Awareness Campaign 2021

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10 years Bohring-Opitz Syndrome Support Group – A Timeline 2011 – 2021

The Bohring-Opitz Syndrome Support Group will be marking its 10th anniversary this April. We want to show our appreciation for the support we have received through the past 10 years.

April 6th, we will celebrate the families who are part of the Bohring-Opitz Syndrome Support Group. We will do this by sharing our stories through our website and social media channels. And we invite you to celebrate with us!

Full text of voice over of the video “10 Years of BOS Support – a Timeline”


Will you help to share our story? Feel free to use the resources below, or create your own (video) message with the hashtag #BOS10Years. We will be really happy to see it on social media, so don’t forget to tag us on Facebook: @bohringopitzsyndrome.asxl1 and Twitter: @childrenwithbos and look forward to hearing from you.

Our timeline is also available on Vimeo and on YouTube