Last week Kuluut was selected as a semi-finalist for the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards. Charlotte Driessen, and therefore Kuluut, won the Award for First Time Filmmaker! This is the official certificate and a VIP invitation to the yearly festival in March 24, 2018, in Hollywood will follow. It was an honour for many of us to be part of this exceptional documentary and it would be a great opportunity for all our American fellows to see the film, too.

We are so happy that Kuluut, Charlotte Driessen  and her crew and of course Coen and his family are honoured with the “Hollywood Internation Independence Documentary Award”. Congratulations!

Kuluut is a  documantary about Coen and his family, living in the Netherlands. Coen has Bohring-Opitz Syndrome. This documentary shows how they found happiness despite of that or better just because they live with this very rare disease of Bohring-Opitz Syndrome.

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