Documentary worldwide

KULUUT, the documentary about Coen and his family finding happiness despite of living with a syndrome, can now be seen worldwide. Until now it was broadcasted just for the Dutch public, but now we all can enjoy this beautiful and eagerly awaited documentary worldwide! Coen has the rare Bohring-Opitz Syndrome and we, the BOS Family are extremely grateful that Charlotte Driessen made this film possible. Kuluut has won international attention and received several film awards. The documentary won a Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards Award in the category of First Time Filmmaker, after that it won a Kudos Endeavor Award in the Docs Without Borders Film Festival competition and was also an official selection as a semi finalist in the Atlanta DocuFest.

Our thanks go out to the makers of KULUT and the wonderful family of Coen!

Merry Christmas!

More information you find on KULUUT – Harpy Films