Dear Mom, dear Dad,
The dream of one’s own child…who doesn’t dream about it? So, mum and dad. They had to wait so long for me. And what do they do, these expectant parents? They look forward to their baby and dream of a happy, rosy future. When will I say Mom for the first time, the first time on the potty, the first steps, and so on….… So, my mum and my dad: they imagined me skiing as a fast as a rocket, down the pistes. But what happens if this rosy bubble suddenly bursts? From one second to the next, everything is different from what they hoped for. Our common start wasn’t really easy at all, everyone has had to cope with their own particular situation, having a severely disabled child. But I will tell you what…MOM and DAD have done it great, they have kept it together: OK, so not every day was perfect and sometimes they were desperate. Even if I will never be able to fulfill many of your hopes, I know you love me unconditionally, and you are always there for me… and if I could, I would say: “I love you!”

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Jannis Löwenherz

1 reply to Jannis
  1. What a beautiful child and such a touching sentiment! I felt that way many times while we were raising our son born with cerebral palsy. Bless you.


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