We are so excited! The new Trailer of KULUUT is promising to be a great documentary. A documentary made by C Amzing Films about a family with an extraordinary child with a rare syndrome, the Bohring-Opitz Syndrome, but most of all about the happiness of the family, even when they experience some difficult times. See the BEAUTY! Coming soon!



We can’t wait to see the whole documentary KULUUT! A documentary about a little boy with Bohring-Opitz Syndrome from the Netherlands. Today we received the Newsletter from Charlotte Driessen, producer and regisseur about their visit in Spain and more interesting announcements. Watch the » new trailer of KULUUT!

Trailer Kuluut (English) December – 2015 from Charlotte Driessen on Vimeo.

The makers of the documentary also released a new website about KULUUT with all information regarding to this amazing project to raise AWARENESS for Bohring-Opitz syndrome but above all to show “The Happiness of the syndrome”.

» website KULUUT 



What makes us happy, what gives us strength?

Those are the questions Charlotte Driessen tries to get an answer with her documentary about Coen and his special family.

Coen, this four years old little boy, comes from The Netherlands and has gotten the diagnosis Bohring-Opitz Syndrome in 2012. A diagnosis that raise much uncertainty and unanswered questions. Still little is known about this rare syndrome of which only 43 patients are documented worldwide.

The team of Charlotte will accompany Coen and his family to America, where they will meet the doctor, who recently has done a lot of research on the Bohring-Opitz syndrome.

Charlotte Driessen, documentary filmmaker and Director is the niece of the family. By her strong relation to the family of Marc and Suzanne Driessen she gives an engaged, authentic and warm view over this wonderful family of Coen.
So please help KULUUT. You can support this project by considering a donation at http://cinecrowd.com/kuluut, and like and share with your social network. Thank you so much!